NLT Study Bible Reviews Roundup

I’ve been gathering all the reviews that I’ve come across and am posting them in an easy to read format. Please reply with any others I have missed.

A Friend of Christ:

According to the Scriptures:

Ancient Hebrew Poetry:

beauty of the bible:

Bible Geek Gone Wild:

Biblia Hebraica


Christian Monthly Standard:

Contemplations of a Young Calvinist:

Dr. Mellow

Exegete Reflections:

He Is Sufficient:


Just After Sunrise:


living the crucified life:

New Leaven:

New Epistles:

New Testament Perspectives:

Participatory Bible Study Blog:


Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth:

Scripture, Ministry and the People of God

Scripture Zealot:

This Lamp:

>NLT Study Bible Blog

NLT Study Bible video on YouTube:

Updated: 1/22/09


16 Responses to “NLT Study Bible Reviews Roundup”

  1. 1 TC

    Jeff, thanks for the link.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    You’re welcome.

    Thanks for all the reviews.

  3. 3 Bryon

    Thank you for the link. I’ve received a review copy and will be following up with an actual review in a couple weeks. I hope your day is going well!

  4. 4 Scripture Zealot

    Thanks for letting me know. I’ve got your blog in my RSS reader so I’ll see it. I’ll either update this post or if there are a lot of new reviews I’ll do a new updated post.

  5. 5 Iyov

    Thank you for your post.  I have  some comments of my own, basing them on an original post by E-S Edwards.  Perhaps you may find them of interest.

  6. 6 Scripture Zealot

    You’re welcome. They are of much interest. These things help to be able to read it with care.

  7. 7 Brian

    Hey Jeff I had put up a NLT Review Round up as well – it is similar to yours.

  8. 8 Scripture Zealot

    Thanks Brian. Looks like we’ve got it covered.

  9. 9 Stan McCullars

    Jeff,I know it’s late, but I posted a <a href=””>review</a> as well.

  10. 10 Scripture Zealot

    Stan it’s not too late. Many people are finding this page through Google and will continue to. Thanks for letting me know. I have to add your blog to my feed reader.

  11. 11 TC

    Jeff, thanks for the link.  You’ve been quite busy. 🙂

  12. 12 Scripture Zealot

    You’re welcome. I’m determined to have the most comprehensive list of NLTSB reviews in the history of the world.

    I’ll do it all over again with the ESVSB but that will be a much wider circle. Your Jonah review will be included.

  13. 13 Stan McCullars

    Jeff,Thanks for linking to my review.You’re definitely the “go to” place for NLT Study Bible reviews.

  14. 14 Peter M. Lopez

    Thanks for the link.  This is an excellent resource.  Great job.

  15. 15 Scripture Zealot

    You’re welcome. I’m afraid this list may be overwhelming but I want it to be comprehensive.

  16. 16 Brent

    Thanks for the link. Love your site. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait for ESVSB and we can continuing the comparisons.

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  2. 2 Brief NTL Study Bible Observations | Scripture Zealot
  3. 3 Comparing Jonahs: ESV vs NLT Study Bibles at He is Sufficient
  4. 4 Miscellaneous Stuff | Scripture Zealot
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