Challenge: Wordle Your Blog

If you have a Christian/biblio blog, what are you really writing about? I’d like to issue a challenge. Wordle your blog.*

See what it looks like. Are the biggest (most commonly used) words a person you’re obsessed with, politician, ideology or something other than what you intended your blog to be about?

Please excuse this diversion from the regular programming here. This is something I’d like to put out there. I’ll leave it at that.

I hope this doesn’t appear to be prideful but I’ve included a couple of images of this blog. You can click on each one to see a larger one and then use your Back button.

All the text on the front page as of 7/15/08 (25 posts plus all the other stuff on the page):


The text from the RSS feed (10 days):

Blog Feed

I think I will do this from time to time to make sure I’m on the right track. I was a little disturbed at all the translation references (this blog should be more about Scripture than its translations) until I realized that almost all Scripture references on this site have the translation cited.

*Go to the front page of your blog. If on Windows (I’m not sure how it works on other platforms but if you’re using a Mac or Linux you should be pretty smart) press Ctrl-A which will highlight all the text on your blog. Then press Ctrl-C to copy the text of your blog. Go to, click on a blank part of the text box and press Ctrl-V to paste the text and click Go. Alternatively you can copy the link of your blog’s feed and use the next section down although the feed may only be for a certain amount of days. Obviously the number of posts on your first page will also affect the representation.

(You can do this with other people’s blogs too.)

5 Responses to “Challenge: Wordle Your Blog”

  1. 1 Nathan W. Bingham

    I’ve seen these Wordle things around the web – but thanks for forcing me to take the time to use this service. I’ve only just returned to blogging, so I don’t really have any content, but I was still happy with the Wordle that was created.

    You might remember me – I helped you out a little when you first came on the scene..I’m the blogger formerly known as the Reformed Geek.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Wow it’s great to see you back. I remember you. Your new blog looks very interesting. I’ve subscribed and look forward to reading it.

  3. 3 Nathan W. Bingham

    It’s good to be back – and I’m excited about the new blog too…

  4. 4 Michael

    Interesting site, I’ll be putting a post on my blog with what my wordle looks like.

    It will motivate me to put more emphasis on Jesus and less on myself.

  5. 5 TC

    I’m working on it, but can’t seem to figure it out.

  1. 1 I’ve been Wordled… : He is Sufficient
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