Photograph of the Revised English Bible

I was taking some pictures today and thought I would post this view of the REB.


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  1. 1 ElShaddai Edwards

    Great photo! I have this edition too – love the red page edges…

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot


    I noticed that you have five of them so it seems you have them covered in addition to being a fanatic. (smiley would go here)

  3. 3 ElShaddai Edwards

    Yeah, I have a compulsive collecting bug that hits every once in a while and finding the different REB editions was one of those episodes. Fortunately, they were all pretty cheap on Amazon – I’m a bargain collector. If it makes you (me?) feel any better, I’m still missing one or two from the list on my REB page…

    That said, I’ve been starting to give away the Bibles I don’t use regularly, so perhaps they’re not here for long.

  4. 4 Scripture Zealot

    I forgot to mention I bought mine used on Amazon at your suggestion. It’s like new except for the extremely minor imperfection you can see at the top of the Bible and there was a price sticker on it.

    Also in case anyone is interested this one is a pew Bible type and has no ribbon. The text is just a little on the small side, about the same size as the TNIV thinline for comparison but very readable. It wouldn’t be in the large print category.

    I was wondering if the red on the pages is supposed to be like blood or if it’s just a color and I’m thinking morbidly.

    That’s really nice that you have the opportunity to give some of them away.

  5. 5 ElShaddai Edwards

    I have a NEB New Testament with the same red page edges, so I’m sure it was a printing convention carried forward to the REB. Whether it was supposed to be blood, I couldn’t say…

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