What’s so great about the ESV

There is plenty to be found on the Web about the ESV translation itself. This post is about all the other things that Crossway does with the translation. I can’t think of a Bible translation/publisher that offers anywhere near what’s available with the ESV.

I wish this blog had a wider readership and all Bible publishers would read it and follow suit to some degree.

If you’re unfamiliar with all it has to offer…

  • Audio by Max Mclean which can also help with memorization as illustrated here by the Irish Calvinist
  • A variety of Bible Reading Plans
  • Clean, fast, easy to read Bible web site – Genesis 1
  • Devotions
  • All sorts of RSS Feeds
  • Blog – which let’s you know when new editions are out
  • Complete list of Bible editions with all kinds of information on each one and includes a PDF file of sample pages for each edition. This lets you see the typeface, size and how the pages are laid out. I’m assuming that if you print out these PDF files they will look just as they would in the Bible itself.
  • Metal Bibles, Rubber Bibles and they used to have a glow-in-the-dark Bible (this is to say they have a wide variety of editions)
  • API for web developers
  • Best of all, it’s available for free in many Bible software packages including the free e-Sword program

Regarding that last point–I know other Bible publishers probably have good reasons for doing what they do but I’m very thankful to have a good, modern translation of the whole Bible available without having to pay for it, especially when I already bought one that’s in book form and when it’s freely available on the Web. I think this model helps the publisher much more than hurts.

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  1. 1 Nathan Stitt

    I love how well organized the ESV is in the digital realm. The esword module is also great, and one of the main reasons I didn’t feel compelled to purchase any of the other translations.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Nathan’s post on the forthcoming ESV Study Bible links to Bible Design and Binding blog’s announcement where J. Mark Bertrand says:

    I should also add that I’m impressed by the level of disclosure Crossway has provided. It’s often difficult to get specifics about a Bible, particularly the unglamorous details of design and binding. Knowing in advance about font size, layout, paper quality and binding is a real pleasure.

    I put this post together last week and it’s coincidence that once again ESV’s disclosure is well received. How difficult can it be for other publishers to offer this information?

  3. 3 jason

    Props Jeff on being picked up by the ESV Blog! Good run down.

    Solo Deo Gloria,

  4. 4 Scripture Zealot


    I don’t know how they pick up on these things so quickly.

  5. 5 jfranklin6

    I especially like the journaling bible, lots of writing space. And the uncopyright behavior of Crossway is a model that all publishers should look to.

  6. 6 roger mugs

    I also love their iPhone support. its nice to read a bible by a company that doesn’t feel like crooks.

    so many of them seem so bent on ripping you off its such a pleasure to feel like they care more about the bible than the money (though i cant back up that they actually do)

  7. 7 Jackie

    I too am a big fan so I’m curious why you have a sidebar widget with the NRSV when there is an excellent ESV widget available.

  8. 8 Scripture Zealot

    Hi Jackie,
    I had the ESV plugin for a while but they were all Scripture I had memorized or was very familiar with. So I switched to this which has some that are a little more off the beaten path. Not that I get tired of any of them. So it was for selfish reasons. I may switch back.

    Edit: ESV does take suggestions for their Verse of the Day at the bottom of this page so I should do some suggesting.

  9. 9 Peter Kirk

    We all know the English Standard Version is a solid translation.

    Very funny! But some of your readers might not understand your irony here. Just read what Iyov, Mike and most of their commenters have to say about its lack of solidity.

    [Note from Jeff: I changed the wording of the beginning of the post. I won’t comment further.]

  10. 10 Scripture Zealot

    Peter as you know I replied on that thread. I would say it’s more solid than many others and that point it arguable although I’m not qualified, as you are, to judge how solid a translation is relative to the original language.

    My main point of the post of all of the things Crossway does right and that it would be nice if other publishers would use this model with whatever resources they have.

  11. 11 TC

    While I think the TNIV is a better translation than the ESV, I will commend the ESV when necessary.

    Not all is bad in ESV-ville as some would have us believe (<a href=\

  12. 12 Scripture Zealot

    TC, I’m sorry your post got truncated. Apparently there is a problem with linking, and I believe it has to do with the quote mark. Maybe it’s for people who use a Mac?

    I’m going to look into this. If you’d like to try again and just post the URL without the HTML code that would work for now.

    Sorry about that.

  13. 13 TC

    Thanks, Jeff.

    I think the ESV should be commended for what it did at Eph 4:11.

  14. 14 Scripture Zealot

    Test link

  15. 15 Scripture Zealot

    TC if you’re seeing this could you try posting an HTML link again?

  16. 16 Kyr

    The ESV committee has certainly stepped boldly into the 21st century. I created a bible memorization website (http://www.memverse.com) and ESV is the only translation that enabled me to query their database and automatically add verses as people require them. Everyone else had to enter their memory verses manually.

  17. 17 Scripture Zealot

    Kyr it would be nice if they were all like this but I suppose it takes some resources.

  18. 18 Kyrri

    Yep, it’s not too much of a problem because everyone tends to memorize similar passages so only the first person has to enter the text. But it did create a lot of work in the beginning to verify all the entries!

  1. 1 ESV Study Bible - at the Dogberry Patch
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