Spending Time With God

There are so many web sites devoted to tips for almost anything you can think of–tips for using computers, getting stains out etc. Here is a blog post with tips for spending time with God. I know that sounds trite but I believe this is a very important message for the majority of of the people in the Church.

“I was basically getting spiritual crumbs from books, podcasts and my pastor. I was living vicariously through others’ relationships with God… While it’s good to learn from others, Jesus calls us to follow Him (not follow others who are following Him).”

Use S.O.A.P. – Simple tips for spending time with God.

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  1. 1 GregQ

    Thanks for the props. Nice site.

  2. 2 Deveney Tucker

    I feel that the reason so many people are devastated when a pastor falls is they were trying to follow him to God rather than follow God. What is it about people that would rather seek another way to a relationship with someone (or God) rather than going straight to the person? That is like a husband spending all his time with his wife’s sister or family rather than spending time with her! The only way to get to know God is by spending time getting to know God. (duh…) Anyway, I feel the time has come for us in America to stip ourselves of all the “tools” we use to find God and just go out and seek Him through His Word and time alone until we find Him! That is what the great saints did. IT was nothign for them to spend several hours just trying to get rid of the flesh so they could focus on God Himself.
    God bless,

  3. 3 ScriptureZealot

    Thanks for the comment.

    This may be a tangent but I think in this country (USA) people use church attendance as a measure of their faith more than their own relationship with God. So listening to a sermon becomes more important than going to the source on a daily basis.

    I’d like to repeat a quote by Ravi Zacharias:

    We have become so accustomed to hearing preachers or expositors, as important as that is, that many in the process have abandoned the grand privilege of personally hearing from God’s Word daily.

  4. 4 ScriptureZealot

    You’re welcome Greg. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

    (Your reply got lost in the shuffle for a couple days.)

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