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Some people say that the Bible is our owner’s manual. I think it’s much more than that and thinking of it in that way devalues what the Bible is. However I think of commentaries as owners’ manuals for the Bible. Not that they are a necessity. After all, many Christians in the past and in some cultures now don’t even have a Bible in written form. And the Holy Spirit teaches us as we read God’s Word.

But commentaries can give us insight that we normally wouldn’t find and informs us of ancillary information pertaining to history, culture, society, politics, literary style etc. which help us to better understand why something was written the way it was. They can also teach us how to read and interpret the Bible by following their model of using Scripture to interpret Scripture, looking at context etc.

Here is a two part blog post I came across that I want to pass along.

Using commentaries in Bible study
Tips on using commentaries to study the Bible

HT: Using Commentaries in Bible Study

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2 Responses to “Bible Commentaries”

  1. 1 Mike

    Here Here!

    Commentaries can and should be read by those who have access to them. Why does the western church waste and ignore its own riches???

  2. 2 ScriptureZealot

    It seems to me there aren’t a lot in the church who seek Scripture to know God better or to seek truth much less read a commentary. Maybe I’m being extremely cynical.

    And maybe hypocritical because although I’ve always practiced spiritual disciplines, as far as the Bible goes, for a long time it was often just a verse in a devotional and that was it.

    I also used to think that commentaries were “just someone’s opinion” but I had never read a good one. I was probably also reacting to those who look to the commentary in their study Bibles as if what’s written is part of the Bible.

    That sounded really negative.

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