Scripture Memory – Why Memorize Scripture?

Here is one of the best articles I’ve seen regarding the benefits of memorizing Scripture and why it’s so essential to the Christian life:
Why Memorize Scripture? by John Piper

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  1. 1 ScriptureZealot

    Here is another article:
    3 Reasons To Memorize Scripture

  2. 2 ScriptureZealot
  3. 3 ScriptureZealot

    Here is a PDF file on how to memorize larger portions of Scripture:
    “Scripture Memory: Uploading Chunks”

    Thanks to:

  4. 4 ScriptureZealot

    Here is another free song:
    Free Scripture Memory Song

  5. 5 Tran

    BibleGizmoLite: an Iphone App that help people to memorize scripture. It has an intelligent testing system where it ask you more often if you don’t remember the verse and less often if you already remember the verse. See or App store for detail

  6. 6 Scripture Zealot

    Thanks Tran. Although I don’t use an iPhone, I couldn’t find a link to download it.

  7. 7 Kyrri

    For those of you who are chained to a desk all day like I am there is a pretty cool website ( that keeps all your memory verses online and tests you on them at the appropriate time. Plus it has a cool graph of your progress so it’s easy to stay motivated.

    I’ve only been memorizing scripture for a few months now but the impact on my life has been tremendous!

  8. 8 Peter

    An easy way to keep track of your memory verses is Remember Me for Android. You can add any verse of almost any Bible version, listen to it and play with it. RM uses an intelligent review system to make sure you repeat fresh verses often, but don’t forget well known verses, either.

  9. 9 Scripture Zealot

    That sounds like a great system.

  10. 10 John Huss

    For a great iPhone app for memorizing bible verses that is endorsed by John Piper himself, check out Fighter Verses for iPhone or Android:

    It has tons of verses and features like quizzes, audio, songs, blog commentary, topics for each verse, and more. You can even display verses on the phone’s lock screen!

    See a video endorsement from John Piper here:

  11. 11 Taber's Truths Christian Blog

    I love John Piper. Thanks for the info!

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