TNIV Discounted Bible

I was looking for a very inexpensive updated NASB on similar to this ESV version for use where I read in addition to my normal NRSV:
ESV Bible

I couldn’t find one so I went to They have one for 2.25. I also wanted a TNIV and happened to come across this one for 77% off:

(Click on the books.)

It’s simply beautiful even though colors of the cover wouldn’t be my preference, although I think females may be more inclined to like it. The typeface is small because it’s a thinline, but it’s very readable. The typeface is less “serif” which is what I prefer and with nice line spacing and large easy to find chapter numbers, it’s a pleasure to look at. In addition it has nice carved out information on the spine and the outside of the pages are silver. It has a concordance and the obligatory maps. It even comes in a nice box.

The NASB Outreach Edition is dreadful–printed on newspaper type paper and with a tiny, cramped typeface. But it will serve my purpose.

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  1. 1 Wayne Leman

    Jeff, I have linked to this post at the TNIV Truth blog.

  2. 2 ScriptureZealot

    Thank you Wayne. I edited my post to modify the comment about the colors which sounded too negative and added the info about the concordance and maps.

    Next time I read through the whole Bible I may use this one as others have suggested using a different version each time.

  3. 3 Michael

    Here is another one for the same price:

    Although after seeing this cover, it makes the first one look fantastic! :).

  4. 4 ScriptureZealot

    Michael thanks for the link. I was thinking the blue one might be nice for a teenage girl or possibly a young-at-heart woman. (Although I must admit it’s growing on me.) But polka dot! They do seem to have a wide variety of the thinline and has more than Amazon.


    As written on the TNIV blog here is another product page with a Sample link which shows a page of the Bible but this scan is poor quality and doesn’t do it justice.

  5. 5 Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article scounted Bible | Scripture Zealot, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  6. 6 ScriptureZealot

    Daniel, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Could you clarify?

  1. 1 TNIV Truth
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